Intelligent applications are increasingly used in smart factory and warehouse automation. In the complete supply chain, products need to be lifted, transported, rotated, and moved. All this can be realized with our mobile drive controllers vDRIVE. The modular design of our control systems allows uncomplicated integration into your system, as well as a short-term availability of spare parts.



VAHLE vDRIVE system provides a wide range of power stages between 0.75 kW and 1.5kW which offers a perfect match up for any Electrified Monorail System (EMS). The vDRIVE portfolio also includes
equipments for positioning, distance control and communication.



VAHLE vDRIVE fulfills all required standards and conforms to the “Low Voltage Directive”, EMC requirements and specific test methods, and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations.



Communication between stationary and mobile consumers becomes a more important role in automated processes. VAHLE vDRIVE systems provide many different communication systems to ensure the best solution for your application. The options include the half wave bus, rail
bus and VAHLE SMGM – the exclusive slotted microwave guide mini solution.



Every vDRIVE DCS system is delivered with a two row OLED display to offer an on demand status and further operational information. DC link voltage, actual current, temperature, frequency or communication stats can be called up at any time. For maintenance, a computer can be added via a USB connection to the control system.



For convenient maintenance, VAHLE offers an exclusive infrared remote control. Developed for vDRIVE especially, the remote control enables a simple navigation to access any required internal information in a short time.


The VAHLE advantage:

You get power supply, data communication, position determination and control from one single source.

System Advantages

Complete solution from one provider

Complete solution from one provider

Modular design allows system to expand at your pace

Utilises proven VAHLE products


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