Reliability and flexibility are important requirements for tomorrow's production. On the way to the digital future, a secure data transmission is a fundamental prerequisite for communication between man and machine. The complex solutions for the Internet of Things (IOT) require high data rates, which are achieved by our systems. Thus, the fail-safe vCOM system is the basis for your journey into the industrial age 4.0.

The product family vCOM includes the following products:



VAHLE Powercom® data transmission systems using VAHLE conductor or slip-ring installations have been developed to be integrated with automated conveying systems facilitating material flow. Powercom® provides economical data transfer with no loss of data between a central PLC control station and individual mobile carriers receiving units.

System Advantages

Integrates with VAHLE conductor systems

No maintenance required

Cost effective solution for data transfer

No additional installation required. Uses existing conductor system



Modern production requires continuously growing volumes of data transmission for management and diagnosis. While this data is often transmitted via conductor lines with low transmission rates for simple transport tasks in mobile applications, this method of communication proves impossible with more complex applications due to its high datarates.

The data communication system SMGM (Slotted Microwave Guide Mini) was specially developed for these applications and enables the integration of fail-safe data transmission into the proven VAHLE conductorline system.

System Advantages

High-efficiency data speeds up to 100 Mbps available

Simple integration with other VAHLE solutions

Secure, interference free wireless transmission

Proven solution with over 40 years of experience


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