Nilian is the proud distributor of CARL STAHL KROMER Products in Australia. Carl Stahl Kromer spring balancers, also known tool balancers, belong to the family of lifting equipment and hoists. They represent manual lifting aids for tools and other loads.

In the field, tool balancers are ideally used to position power tools and other assembly aids at the workplace to improve their handling. The improved ergonomics at the workplace shorten throughput times and increase productivity and safety. Due to the interaction of the suspension spring and the conical cable drum of the tool balancer, the retraction force is nearly the same over the entire cable travel. This makes the load attached to the tool balancer weightless and allows it to be positioned at a desired height. The user can therefore work with less effort and is able to concentrate and work in a precise manner over longer periods of time. In addition, load balancers are also used to organize tools by position them ergonomic and safe at the workplace. As a result, tools are always ready to use and safely stored. However, there are many other useful advantages, that result from our practical handling devices for tools and other loads.

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